Hi! I'm Beth.
For the past 9 years I have been running my own successful photography business.  As a single mother with a thriving business and other side projects, my upkeep on social media posting as well as my response time to the many emails/correspondence/engagement that I was getting became overwhelming and marketing myself fell to the wayside.
I began to educate myself on how to market my business more efficiently on social media and the information that i acquired was great, but I still did not have the one thing that I needed.... TIME!
The biggest key to growth and successful marketing on social media platforms is the consistent output/posting of quality, visually stimulating, brand appropriate content and engaging with current and potential clients.  However being a small business owner myself I know that your time is important, limited and possibly better spent elsewhere within your company. 
I thought to myself, I would enjoy my work much more (as well as my time off from working) if I could only delegate these tasks to someone else!  With this in mind I've decided to move full time into providing this service to other small business owners.  I have since acquired my Coursera Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate as well as the Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate.  And with my experience in content creation and education combined I hope to help you market your business to successfully achieve your overall marketing objective online.

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